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For women who want natural relief from painful periods due to endometriosis or other menstrual disorders.

Welcome! You’ve found a safe corner of the internet that is here to support you as you navigate being a woman that lives with chronic period pain. I know you might be sick and tired of it, you may have tried lots of things already, you might even feel desperate to try anything to get your life back. I know how you feel, I have been there too. Living with pain can make you feel like you are missing out on life. You deserve to be living your best life. So I have compiled all my trainings, certifications, and most importantly, life experience and wisdom, into a easy to follow course that you can use to become your own self-healer and get your life back!

Learn a holistic, cycle-based approach to pain management and healing your body, without invasive surgery, going back on the pill, or relying on heavy pain medication.

You can have your life back and no longer be a victim of your monthly cramps, fatigue, and feeling disconnected from your body. I know, it can be really embarrassing, not something you want to talk about, and you may even think it’s gross or something you should be ashamed of. We didn’t grow up knowing that we can learn to love our cycle, but it is possible. Learn to plan our life around your cycle so it can help you be more productive, vibrant and live your best life! Start below with my free guide.


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She Is Sacred was created to empower you with practical tools and strategies to help you manage painful periods and teach you how to live a cyclical life.