Welcome to an online community for women to connect with themselves, each other, and learn in live in-tune with the rhythms of nature and their own inner cycles. We use a feminine approach to yoga as a self-care practice to keep us grounded and energized.

Who is the “SHE” of She Is Deeply Rooted?

She is you, your daughter, your sister, your aunt, your grandma, etc. She is the women that went before us, the women we are becoming, and the women who will lead the next generation.

The time has come for women to take their power back. To live in tune with their own natural rhythms, trust their intuition, and release shame. Empower yourself with nurturing self-care, tap into your innate wisdom, and live as your authentic, vibrate self.

Connect deeply to yourself, feel at home in your body, love who you are, and connect with a community.


Learn my top three tips on how to live in flow with your own natural rhythms, as well as insight into Cyclical Living, using cycle awareness as a self care tool..

online workshop

SHE IS SACRED online workshop.

Short and sweet online yoga practices.