The goal of my journey has been to love myself, unapologetically. I am not striving for unconditional love, because I know I will be disappointed in myself. This human experience is one where mistakes are our teachers, where we find purpose in our pain, and we have the opportunity to gracefully turn that pain into inspiration. I have endured my fair amount of pain, and then some. I have endured vicious cycles of self sabotage. But I forgive myself. I know that version of myself was doing what she needed to do to survive, with the knowledge and tools she had at the time.

I think of that person now, and I hold her with love and compassion. With ever fiber of my being, and breath in my body, I choose to love her with everything I am, and in that, I find my healing.

I provide the safety and wholeness I once desired, by being the person I am today. I am the person I have needed my whole life, and the one I will always need. The decision to love myself unapologetically means I am always there for myself, that I always have my own back, that I always have a safe place to go. All I have to do is close my eyes, put my hands on my heart and breath. Gratitude for the mere breath I am breathing brings me back home to myself.

I searched for answers for years. Answers to my pain. Doctors, healers, mentors, coaches, therapist, acupuncturist, etc. etc. etc., could only help so much. Treatments upon treatments, book after book, I possessed an undeniable desire to get some answers. I did find a lot of answers, and everything that I have ever done has served it’s purpose and created a learning experience, but it wasn’t until I took matters into my own hands that things really changed.

I knew deep down in my heart that I needed to love myself in order for radical change to happen.

I knew it, but I still wasn’t capable of it. Like so many others, I had to hit my threshold, breaking point, rock bottom, whatever you want to call it, and change took place. Not the kind of change where you go to yoga once and really like it, or change your diet and feel a little better, I am talking life changing, flip your world upside down change.

The kind of change where you are forever changed. Where you look in the mirror and respect the woman you see. Where other people’s opinions don’t matter. Where are you able to walk so confidently in the truth of who you are, that you are your own anchor and guiding light. Where you trust yourself so deeply, because you have taken the time to get to know yourself, your intuition is your best friend, and your body is your safe haven.

I want that for you, for everyone. I want you to walk confidently, know your authentic truth, and speak from your heart. I want you to feel so in-tune with yourself that nothing shakes you. I want you to be your own advocate, because you know your deepest needs, and you aren’t afraid to ask for them. And I know it’s possible for you.

I lead women to reconnect with themselves so they truly love themselves and feel at home in their body. Through yoga, self-love, cycle awareness and a holistic lifestyle. As a certified 200 HR RYT, core, pelvic floor and postpartum specialist (certified with the MUTU System), post-partum Doula, and over 10 years of experience working intimately with women in my business as a professional portrait and boudoir photographer, I have gained some invaluable insight into what it takes to lead women through transformation. It is my honor to pass on the wisdom that I have attained, to help you be the best and most authentic version of yourself

Want to know more about my journey? Contact me, I am an open book, and I love to connect and share stories. Human connection is pretty much my hobby.