Self Care

When you think of self-care, what comes up for you? Perhaps taking time for yourself to get a manicure, a massage, or a night out with friends?

This is what we have been taught to believe is a level of self-care, and in some ways it is. Massages and manicures are lovely, and even necessary at times. What if we went even deeper with self-care, and really learned how to love ourselves?

A radical invitation to self-care goes beyond what meets the eye. It’s an intimate relationship with yourself. One where you dig deep into the layers of your soul, ask the hard questions, sit with the feelings that come up, and heal some of the core wounds that hold you back from being your authentic self. Unapologetic self-love is where ground-breaking change happens. It’s where you discover who you truly are, where you hold yourself with so much love, kindness, and compassion, that you can’t help but be your own best friend.

So how do you access this connection with yourself? There are so many ways, and it is a beautiful journey. Take the first step by joining me with the SHE IS SACRED online workshop, where we dive deep into what it means to be a woman, own your femininity, and learn self-care on a whole new level. To find out more details about when the first SHE IS SACRED online workshop launches, or to be added to the waitlist, contact Tressie.

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